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The readings in these first weeks of Easter (there are 7 weeks in total) give accounts of Jesus appearing to the disciples after the resurrection. This week we read Luke’s version of Jesus’ appearance to all the disciples after the resurrection. In previous verses, the followers have already heard the report of women followers who found the tomb empty and that Jesus walked with two followers on the 3 hour journey to Emmaus. In this week’s story, Jesus appears and reassures the disciples that it really is him, showing his wounds and eating some fish as proof, then helps them understand the scriptures and his role fulfilling them..  

While the disciples were filled with conflicting emotions (Luke writes about joy, disbelief and continued wondering after their initial startled terror), Jesus reassures them with something quite ordinary. He ate a piece of broiled fish. Over years of following Jesus, it was probably something they had seen him do hundreds of times. Rather than some impressive or flashy action to indicate that he is not a ghost, Jesus helps ground them with an everyday action. Eating a snack.

When we are overwhelmed, startled and terrified, disbelieving and still wondering, and lots of other challenging emotions, we will find God’s reassuring presence through ordinary things. God, who is the source of peace and new life, ground us through simple moments.  Taking a deep breath. Drinking a hot cup of coffee. Receiving a smile from a stranger or a loved one. Getting a text from a friend. Finishing a good run. Seeing a beautiful sunset. Hearing a favorite song.. Eating a tasty snack.

God’s reassuring presence is all around. Certainly there may be extraordinary and remarkable ways that we encounter God, and still, God is constantly, persistently, faithfully present in the countless ordinary moments of our lives.



weekly prayer | Jesus reassures disciples and eats fish in Luke 24

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