Alumni & Friends

Whether you have been away from campus for just a few months, or 50 years, you are part of the community of faith that is Lutheran Campus Ministry and LSC!

Refer a Student

Campus Ministry Needs Your Help!

Do you know students enrolled at Penn State or another college or university? With your help, Campus Ministry can contact students and invite them to participate in worship, Bible studies, service opportunities and may other things happening in our ministries. However, we can’t contact them unless we know they’re on campus. That’s where you come in.

Most campus ministries have access to student contact information once they have a student name and hometown. If that’s all the information you have, send it! If you know more, then send that information along too!

  • Student Name
  • College or University
  • Home Congregation
  • Home Address
  • Email Address
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Campus Mailing Address

Please also include your name and email address. Thank you for helping us reach out to students!

Alumni Interest Group

Bringing Lutheran Penn State Alumni Together

We are in the midst of forming an Alumni Interest Group with the Penn State Alumni Association. An Alumni Interest Group is made up of alumni with common interests or activities. The Lutheran Alumni Interest Group grows out of the common bond among Penn State Alumni who are Lutheran or have been associated with Lutheran Campus Ministry. Possible activities could include networking luncheons, a newsletter, annual gatherings, regional gatherings, and more. Alumni Interest Group Board Members will make the decisions about activities for the AIG.

In order to continue the process of forming this group within the Alumni Association, we are gathering signatures for a membership petition. By filling out the form below, you are agreeing that forming this Alumni Interest Group is a good idea, asking to be on the mailing list, and perhaps volunteering for some furhter involvement. All information will be kept private.

AIG Membership Form

You can mail the AIG membership form to Lutheran Campus Ministry at Penn State, 211A Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, University Park, PA 16802. If you have questions, please contact Alicia Anderson, Campus Minister at (814) 865-0715 or

Mission Statement

  • To foster relationships among Lutheran Penn State alums
  • To foster relationships between Lutheran Penn State alums and current Penn State students
  • To foster relationships between Lutheran Penn State alums and Lutheran Campus Ministry at Penn State and the Lutheran Student Community in order to support Lutheran identity for students at Penn State
  • To support the mission of the Pennsylvania State University and the Penn State Alumni Association