March 25-31

Petitioning Prayer – praying for myself

Reaching out to God for help, support, or intervention in our own lives allows us to rely on God. Naming our struggles, fears and challenges and turning to God for aid is a powerful reminder that God loves us and is there, always. Naming needs and vulnerabilities can be hard, yet allows us to acknowledge we are in God ‘s care.

Praying for yourself this week: begin with a slow, deep breath to calm you mind. Name what is troubling you, how you are struggling, or where you need help. God is already aware of what is happening in your life, but sharing your troubles in prayer can give you clarity and a sense that you are not alone.  You don’t need full sentences or to know exactly what you are asking from God. Simply share your troubles with God and ask for help.

Example: God, I am overwhelmed with work, and now my friend is mad about what I said to them. I can’t do what I need to finish everything. Help me. Calm my mind. Help me focus. Give me patience when I talk with my friend. Help me set aside things that aren’t urgent right now. Fill me with peace. Amen.

Praying thru Lent

Prayer is at the heart of life of faith. Connection with God, with God’s people and creation, and also with ourselves. Prayer reminds us to invite God into the challenges and joys of our lives, and helps us create a pattern of including God in our daily joys, struggles, and concerns.

Each week this Lent we will try out a different approach to prayer for you to use through the week. We’ll share some information about that week’s type of prayer and some suggestions about how to use it. Spend just a couple minutes or spend much more time; whatever fits your life each day.

Lent is sometimes seen as a time of sadness and self-denial, but really, Lent is a season of reflection and preparation for Easter, a time when we seek to move closer to God.💜

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