Thanksgiving at last

This is going to be an unusual holiday.  Typically, my family will travel to spend time with family who live in the Midwest.  If we are at home, we spend the day with my elderly mother.  Those options are not possible this year.  We’ll spend Thanksgiving with the three people who live in my house.  We’ll zoom with family members who live states away.  I’ll stop by (masked) to see my mom, but dinner together is not safe.  There will be turkey and cranberries, potatoes and pie, as well as lots of neighbors out walking before or after their dinner. 

Once again, like every November, I find myself taking a deep breath, looking for what I am thankful for.   This year, as we gather for dinner, I’m going to invite my family (near and far) to answer these questions together.  I invite you to think about them, too.  Share them with your loved ones, if you like.

What are you thankful for that hasn’t changed this year? 

What are you thankful for that is different, unique, perhaps even previously unimaginable?

What are you thankful that you don’t have to do this year?

What is a Thanksgiving memory you enjoy?

What would you like to do at the next Thanksgiving when it is safe to return to normal?

This year, I am thankful for the incredibly creative and accommodating students I work with and the grace and kindness they have shown as we’ve adjusted again and again.  I am thankful for more time than expected with my high school senior in this last year before she goes off to college.  I am thankful for the little plastic device that helps keep my glasses from fogging up.  I am thankful for all the people who are working to keep our community safe and care for those who are ill.

May we all have safe and blessed holiday.

May you enjoy something familiar and something unique.

May remembering some Thanksgivings in the past make you smile.

May looking forward to a future Thanksgiving give you hope.

May we all find reasons to be thankful today and every day.



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