God’s Work. Our Hands.

Every week at Thurday evening worship on the Penn State campus, students hand the bread and wine to each other, saying “The Body of Christ, broken for you” and “The blood of Christ, given for you.”   At first, when faced with the responsibility of handing that pottery chalice to the next person in line, some students are a little horrified.  But as the weeks go by, they come to appreciate the chance to be part of bringing God’s presence to one another.

The folks whose hands we see in this photo are long graduated.  But others have moved into their place, handing the chalice to each other.  Bringing God and God’s endless love to the people they encounter.  Sharing bread and wine.  Sharing the journey of faith.

This has become one of my favorite images for our ministry.  God is truly present.  We fully participate in God’s action in the world and in the lives of those around us.

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