Questions about eternity?

QNA – Questions, not Answers is a monthly inter-generational discussion for students and community members on Sunday at 7 pm in the Fireside Room. This group is led by Paula Droege, who teaches int eh Philosophy department and we will welcome a wide variety of perspectives and thoughts! There will also be dinner, especially for students!

For our meeting this coming Sunday, Oct 2 at 7 pm in Fireside room, we plan to focus our discussion on the concept of eternity.   Questions we will discuss include but will not be limited to:

  • What will we do forever? 
  • Will that be satisfying or maybe boring or annoying?

Did you know in the Gospels that Jesus asks more than 300 questions and he is asked nearly 200, but he directly answered only a handful of them?  So, come to QNA to continue the biblical tradition of asking good, complicated questions, and be prepared to leave without answers.

 If you have questions or suggestions for future topics, contact Alicia Anderson at

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