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Over Thanksgiving break, it was good to get away from campus.  Most of us enjoyed the change of pace, were able to rest and relax a bit.  Time with friends and family, without the ongoing demands and deadlines, is always a welcome change.

At many Thanksgiving gatherings across the land, friends and family took a moment to talk about things for which they are thankful.  Gratitude for things like people who care about us, sharing a laugh with friends, a safe and warm place to sleep, the beauty of a sunset, the opportunity to study and learn, work that matters in the world, time away from demands . . . there is much to be thankful for.

A friend offered a suggestion via social media that extends this kind of gratitude all year long.  Each night, before you go to sleep, take a moment and name three things you are thankful for from the day.  Seems like a lovely way to end each day.  And a wonderful opportunity to spread the season of giving thanks to the whole year.  I’m gonna give it a try.





Thank you, God.

For life.

For people who love me.

For the challenges and joys I faced today.

As I try to name three things for which I am thankful for each day, help me to see the richness and abundance in my life.  Help me to see your incredible generosity.  Help me to see the surprising blessings all around me.

Move and shape me through this daily exercise in thanksgiving.



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