Welcome and Welcome Back!

It is a time of preparation!  Plan, pack, prepare!

Get ready and return to campus, for the new semester, and for all that lies ahead!!

We are glad you are among the students who are making their way to campus this week!  May your preparations go well, may your farewells be sweet and your arrival be filled with exciting new beginnings!

As you arrive and settle in, know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.  For a smooth transition.  For an excellent living situation.  For supportive and fun friends.  For interesting and meaningful classes.  For a year of learning and growth and discovery.

May you find a mix of challenges and rest.  May you be surrounded by caring and enjoyable friends.  May you learn about yourself, your gifts and interests, and your hopes for the future.  May you begin to discover the ways the world might be moved and changed by your presence, your work, and your action, as well as your love for your neighbor.

Blessings to you as this year begins.  May you know God is with you in the fun times and the struggles.  May you see the countless ways God will use you this year (and beyond) to bring light and hope in our challenging world.

Thanks be to God for you!

Have a great start to the year!

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