Praying this week

As people of faith, we join together in offering our joys and concerns to God. Some things to pray about this week:

We give thanks for Joseph Vincent Paterno.  We give thanks for his life and his work, and the many ways God worked through him to bless so many.  We are grateful for the way he coached football, and the way he lived.  We are grateful for his leadership and faithfulness, for commitment to his players, Penn State students and the wider community.  May those who admired Joe Paterno live in ways that reflect the lessons he taught.

We pray for all who grieve Joe Paterno’s death.  We pray especially for his family and close friends.  May God bring comfort to all who mourn.  May memories bring comfort and inspiration.  In the face of death, may we be filled with hope in God, for the promise of the resurrection, assured that death does not have the final word.

We pray for healing for the Penn State community.  May grief give way to hope for the future.  May all who work and study at the university direct their energies into their work and studies, setting aside distractions.  May our whole community find helpful, healthy ways to manage grief, anger, frustration and disappointment.  May we move into the future wisely, strengthened by the recent difficulties.

We pray for the Penn State community. We continue to pray  for all who are part of the Penn State community.  May we support and care for survivors of abuse.  May we find ways to move forward with honesty and openness.  May we remember that Penn State is a place where students come to study and grow into honorable young adults, and faculty and staff are devoted to helping them do just that. May all within the Penn State community find the courage to behave with integrity and compassion in the face of difficult circumstances.

We welcome your prayer suggestions and requests.

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