Praying this week

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As people of faith, we join together in offering our joys and concerns to God.  Some things to pray about this week:

People struggling with mental illness.  We pray for them to find the help and support they need.  May they find care and compassion from their family and friends.  May the mental health system and health professionals they encounter be skilled and help them manage their illness effectively.  May they find hope and healing through their lives.

Students who have been hurt by emotional or physical violence at school.  May they find support and healing People who are hungry.   We pray for everyone who does not have enough food for themselves or their families.  May people who are unsure about their next meals find sources and resources to nourish themselves and their households.  May people who have enough to eat share their resources and make it possible for others to eat.  May the nations and agencies of the world work together to make food available across the globe.  May no one be hungry anymore.

Families in conflict.  We pray for healing and understanding.  May parents and children find way to support and hear each other where there are differences of opinion or behavior.  May family members care for each other, forgiving wrongs, offering help, and reaching out.   May each family be a place of love and compassion, lifting up one another.

We welcome your prayer suggestions and requests.

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