Earthquake? Really?

Alicia Anderson News 2 Comments

I just received the following text from PSU:  SUBJ: All-campus alert  MSG: We felt the effects of a 5.8 magnitute quake from Va.  Everyone can return to normal activity  Details soon.  This explains why my car seemed to be idling roughly or wiggling while I was waiting to pull into the Nittany Parking Deck around 2 pm.  Where were you?  What was it like in class?  Please comment below! – Alicia

Comments 2

  1. Update from PSU: No initial reports of injuries or damages at any PSU campuses. Aftershocks possible. — Amazing!

  2. Some Nittany Conference pastors were having our weekly Bible study when we felt the wiggle. Instantly following, one of us got a text about a fire in Bellefonte. We could see smoke from the church and thought the shaking was related to that. Then we heard about the earthquake, and it was only then that we admitted to one another that we really had felt something. It was weird!

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