About Lutheran Student Community at Penn State

Our Mission

As believers in Jesus Christ, the Penn State Lutheran Community is committed to:
Welcoming all the name of Jesus,
Embracing Personal Growth and understanding,
Exploring the connections between God’s Word and the world,
Preparing to follow Jesus’ example with our lives,
So we may go forth in a celebration of God’s Love.

Our Staff

Alicia Anderson, Campus Minister

Hello!  I am in my 25th year here at Penn State with Lutheran Campus Ministry.  I think what I like best about this work is the constant stream of new and exciting students!  People, programs, buildings and policies change, but studens are always a delight and a challenge (in the best possible way).  I am grateful to be a part of this community of faith on campus.  It is a privilege to walk with students as they learn, grow, and figure out just what their faith means to them now, and for the future. I am also grateful that we have such great students and leadership again this year.

A little bit about me:  I have lived in central PA a long time, but I am from the Midwest. I grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, went to Luther College and Wartburg Seminary (both in Iowa) and served in campus ministry in Nebraska and Wisconsin before coming here to Penn State. I’m really a flatlander at heart, but I find the mountains of central PA simply beautiful and State College/Lemont has become home.

My family includes my husband, Bob Skelly (a recently-retired clinical psychologist originally from Chambersburg), my 29 year-old daughter, Jessa (who works with with Habitat for Humanity in St. Paul, MN), my 18 year-old daughter Mara (who starts at Luther College this fall), two Siberian Huskies , Aspen and Lola.  We live in scenic Lemont, just outside State College, on the side of Mt. Nittany.

When I have free time, I like to bicycle, walk and train the dogs, take road trips, and read.  I am a fan of “The Daily Show,” Seth Meyers, “The West Wing,” oldies music, and NPR podcasts.  I’m still in love with the soundtracks to “Hamilton” and “In The Heights,” am a fan girl of Trevor Noah and Hasan Minhaj, and I eat yogurt and granola every day. I’m also very fond of ice cream, so if you tell me that you read that fact in my online bio, I’ll treat you to ice cream at the Creamery!

Enjoying another great year! There is never a dull moment!

Lutheran Student Community Leadership

For many years, LSC has relied on a council of students for leadership . . . but we’re making some changes!   This fall, a team of leaders will be helping to make decisions, but we’ll be relying more and more on input, feedback and suggestions from YOU!

Sunday evenings, Thursday evenings and at other gatherings, we’ll be asking for input, ideas and leadership for our events.  And there will be plenty of leadership opportunities to go around!!

Email lutheran@psu.edu with comments, suggestions or questions anytime!

2021- 22 Leadership Team

The Lutheran Student Community Leadership Team is a body of students who represent the Lutheran community here at Penn State, University Park. The Leadership Team helps to plan, organize and lead events of the Lutheran Student Community at Penn State and Lutheran Campus Ministry at Penn State, in cooperation with the Lutheran Campus Ministry and Grace Lutheran Church by working with the staff members of these agencies.

Leadership Team members use their gifts such as dedication, communication, responsibility, faith, motivation, and enthusiasm as they work together to serve God and others, while living out the Gospel.  Interested in joining?  Just contact Alicia Anderson at ara2@psu.edu.

Lutheran Council for Campus Ministry Board

The Lutheran Council for Campus Ministry Board is made up of people who care about Lutheran Campus Ministry at Penn State and are committed to overseeing and supporting LCM’s work on campus.

Board members represent the Allegheny Synod, the Lower Susquehanna Synod, and the Upper Susquehanna Synod, and the university community.  Those who serve include PSU faculty and staff, student leaders from Lutheran Student Community, local pastors, alumni of LCM, members of local congregations, parents of current or past students, and our campus minister serves as an ex officio member.

The LCCM Board meets twice each semester, and once in the summer months.

Lutheran Council for Campus Ministry Board Mission Statement

As ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are partners with the Lutheran Student Community at Penn State in ministry and mission.

We oversee and develop the resources of LCM,
call and support staff,
evaluate programs and staff
share stories of CM in church and other contexts,
assist LSC in their ministry.

As baptized children of God, we feed and are fed by one another through our work together.