Welcome to the new school year!  How are things going for you so far?  There is so much to settle into and adjust to in these first weeks.  I hope and pray everything is going as well as it can for you!   

Every new beginning brings so much potential.  There are opportunities and options all around.  Ways you can expand and grow, personally and academically.  People who can help and be companions along the way.  Experiences that can challenge and shape you, moving you ahead in learning in a variety of ways.

At this point, what are you looking forward to?  What are you dreading?  What are you struggling with now?  What are you truly enjoying?  New semesters always bring a wide variety of feelings.  Taking time to think about what is happening around you and how you are feeling about it all can be a real help in dealing with the cascade of new things.  Regular reflecting can help you make sense and manage everything.  

Of course, it takes some time to settle into a new place, new routine, and new expectations.  Be patient with yourself and the people around you.  Everyone is adjusting to a lot right now, and the bumps will smooth out with some time. 

God is known for making all things new.  Each new day brings another new start. 



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