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Fall break is a beautiful thing.  The past few months have been filled with classes, assignments, deadlines, exams and more.  A week of no classes is a welcome change of pace and a chance to step away from many of the demands of the semester.  We may have things to accomplish, but the time away from our usual rhythm is still a helpful and refreshing break.

This week, I am on a road trip to spend Thanksgiving with family in Minnesota.  I packed up the dogs and drove to the Chicago area where I picked up my dad who lives there.  Then we drove to my daughter’s home in St. Paul.  This is a great time of year for a road trip when the weather cooperates, and it was perfect all 1000 miles.  We will spend the coming days cooking and eating, talking and laughing, walking dogs and taking naps.  The opportunity for rest is so very welcome for us all.

Where will you find rest this week?

Even though you may need to do some work (for pay or school), you will benefit from setting aside some time for rest.  There are countless options:

  • Make some extra time for sleep (including naps)
  • Take a walk without music or a podcast or any media at all
  • Play a game (video or analog or whatever)
  • Spend time with a friend or family member
  • Watch a beloved television show or movie with people you love
  • Enjoy food that has been made with love (or make something to share)
  • Read something that is not for a class or assignment

Human beings are designed to balance work and rest. The semester is so long and it is time for a real break.  Give you mind and your body a change.  Enjoy some rest this week!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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