Lent 2021 – Week 6

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At times, we can quiet ourselves and try to clear our minds and listen for God.  Very seldom does God shout wisdom to us, but God does speak in thoughts, ideas, yearnings and feelings.

Sit or stand or lie silently.  Find a comfortable place and position.  Include music if you like.

Clear your mind of thoughts and ideas. If something comes to mind, gently set it aside for another time.  If there are distractions, simply notice them and then set them aside.  You may find it helpful to focus on the rhythms of your breathing or on music that helps quiet you.

Think about God’s presence.  Consider how you are always accompanied by God.

End with another deep breath.

Spend a few minutes writing/blogging about the experience

Possible prompts:  -Where did you notice God?  -How did meditating impact you?  -What did you discover?

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