Lent 2021 – Week 1

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Lent 2021 Introduction


There are many kinds of prayer and they are all ways of connecting with God.  This week, we are using intercessory prayer, when we ask God for help for the needs of others, the world, and ourselves.

-Begin with a slow, deep breath.

-Close your eyes if you like.  Or keep them open. Feel free to sit, lie down, or move around. 

-Tell God your concerns for people who are close to you, struggles in the world, people who are sick or troubled or in need, difficulties you are facing.

– Use any words you like as you talk to God.  Speak aloud or silently.

-End with another slow, deep breath.

Afterwards, spend a few minutes writing/blogging about the experience.

Where did you notice God?  How did praying impact you?  What did you discover?

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