Weekly Prayer: 10/6

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Gracious God,

Your creation is varied and beautiful; let it fill me with delight and wonder.

Your majesty is in the mountains and meadows, in the tiny ground squirrels and mighty bison, in gentle streams and powerful rushing water.

Help me to see the wonder of your work all around me.

Teach us all to care for creation as the precious gift it is.

Help me to learn patience from the rhythms of the natural world.

Teach me to watch and to wait, to embrace uncertainty and the unknown.

Help me to see and notice what is around me; beauty, strength, danger, peace.

Show me more and more, even when I think I have seen things fully.

Help me seek out another view, even of things I know.

Guide me to continue to learn, understand and explore what life brings my way.


Reflection – travel thoughts: one

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