Confirmation 2.0

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Let’s take a new look at confirmation!

Maybe you have forgotten everything you learned way back in middle school.

Maybe you were not particularly motivated and you weren’t really paying attention back then.

If you’d like to talk about God and faith and scripture, about Lutheran teachings and how faith can shape our lives, all in a context where questions are welcome, thinking is expected, and answers may be just the beginning of the conversation, Confirmation 2.0 is for you!

We’ll gather via Zoom on Thursdays in July at 8 pm to begin the conversation and shape our plans for the coming weeks! Check our calendar for the link!

Come explore faith from a Lutheran perspective with other students in an open and welcoming environment. Alicia Anderson, campus minster, will lead the conversation and there will be NO sermon notes assigned!

Questions? Contact Alicia Anderson, campus minister.

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