QNA: God’s will and disasters

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Questions, Not Answers (QNA) is an intergenerational discussion group that brings together members of Grace Lutheran and students connected with Lutheran Student Community. We wrestle with questions that don’t have easy or clear answers, and we often leave with more questions than we came with!

This month, we’re tackling questions about God’s will and disasters in our lives and the world, how God is active in the context of disasters in the Old Testament vs. the New Testament, and just how do we make sense of God’s will in our lives.

Paula Droege, professor of Philosophy at Penn State, will be our facilitator. We’ll meet via Zoom at 7 pm on Sunday, June 14th.

Looking ahead, we’ll meet on Sunday, July 12th at 7 pm (again, via Zoom) and John Hall will lead our conversation about Dante’s Inferno and what hell might be like, if it actually exists.

If you are interested in attending, please email Carla Rossi at ckrossi@comcast.net for the link to the meeting.

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