Prayer for the week 4/16/2019

Alicia Anderson News Leave a Comment

God of each week,

This is a holy week.

We remember how you gathered your followers, washed feet and called us to serve each other, then shared a meal filled with your promises.

We remember how you were betrayed by those close to you, endured a sham trial and torture, then died an excruciating and humiliating death.

Images of connection, and also of pain and sorrow.

Yet even in the midst of the sorrow and pain, we see glimpses of what lies ahead.

Your promises.  Your love.  Your victory over death and evil.

Walk with us through this week.

Bring us with hope and assurance to the joy of Easter morning.

Remind us that new life is inevitable. 

New life is who you are, and what you call us to.

This week, and every other week of our lives.


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