Why I Do What I Do

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On February 19, Dr. Lori Miraldi will speak about the work she does, how she discovered her vocation, and how this work reflects and fulfills her values and beliefs at DiscernPSU’s lecture series, “Why I Do What I Do.”

Dr. Miraldi is a lecturer in the Communication Arts and Sciences Department at the Pennsylvania State University. She focuses on preparing engineering students, teaching them to conduct technical presentations and work on their communication skills. Additionally, Miraldi is the director of the Engineering Ambassadors Program and Student Engagement Initiatives. With her involvement in CAS and her personal connections with engineering students, Miraldi is able to network with a wide range of students at Penn State. She has grown to become a well-known professor on campus, and a resource for many students.

Dr. Miraldi will share her story at 7:30 pm on February 19 in the HUB in room 129A.

DiscernPSU is a project that aims to help the Penn State community explore how their beliefs and values give meaning to their work, leisure, and relationships, and is a joint project of Westminster Presbyterian Fellowship and Lutheran Campus Ministry at Penn State.
DiscernPSU is funded by the Lilly Endowment. Each semester, DiscernPSU
hosts the “Why I Do What I Do” lecture series to inspire and teach young individuals about all their potential options in their professional lives. To learn more, visit

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