little gifts

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Yesterday was a lovely day.  Warm sunshine.  Cool breezes. Melting snow.  I was grateful for the taste of spring, here in the middle of winter.  It was good to have a sign of spring hope before we bundle up against winter’s chill yet again.

I knew that warm day wouldn’t last forever.  Cold and dreary returned. Way too soon.

I hope you were able to notice and enjoy the break in winter’s grasp.  To seize the day, I guess. 

Even more, I hope are regularly able to take a moment to notice and enjoy the gifts that come to you. 

Even when they are very small. A kind word. A bit of sunshine. A tasty snack. An unexpected message.

Little joys have an impact.  Especially when we let them.

You don’t need a week away from campus to take a break when you are stressed.  Sometimes, just 10 minutes can be a real help.  Take a little nap.  Lose yourself in music you love. Call a family member.

God gives us all tremendous gifts – life itself, amazing abilities, each other. 

God also gives us little experiences of hope and joy…things that help us make our way through long and challenging times.

Drink in the blessings, large and small.  Let them nourish and sustain you in long winter. 

Spring is coming.

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