Prayer for this week 10/29/2018

Alicia Anderson News Leave a Comment


God of life and light,

Help me to see your presence in the midst of challenge and sorrow.

Help me to see your image in the people I encounter.

Help me to remember that each person I meet is your child, created in your image.

Help me to see you in the faces that surround me.


The brokenness of this world can overwhelm me.

Cruelty and thoughtlessness are so common.

People treat each other without respect, without compassion, without care.

Sometimes, I can also delight in the misery of others.


Bring change to this struggling world.  Fill us with hope and love.

Empower your people to care and generosity for our companions in this life.

Move your children to reach out beyond the boundaries that keep us apart.

Fill us with your hope and your love.

Bring light into the darkness.


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