Prayer for this week – 10/22/2018

Alicia Anderson News 0 Comments

God of all,
I talk about you as Creator, Savior and Spirit.  You are Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Others know the power of creation, reconciliation and renewal by other names, in different ways.

Help me to honor and respect the beliefs and practices of the people around me.
Help me to see how their faith shapes their lives.
Help me to trust in the diverse and abundant gifts of belief and religions.

Show me the ways you bless and shape the world with this diversity.
Show me that my understanding of you and your love for the world can be enhanced by my neighbor’s faith.
Show me your love for all humanity.

Teach me to open my mind as I listen to the beliefs of others.
Teach me to speak with kindness and respect as I discuss beliefs and practices with others.
Teach me to see my neighbor well, and to learn from their ways of belief and worship.



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