Prayer for this week – 3 October 2018

Alicia Anderson News Leave a Comment

God of healing and wholeness,

When I feel sick, teach me to seek out the help I need.

When I feel isolated or overwhelmed, show me the resources that can give me hope.

When I am in over my head, teach me to step aside and take a break.

Remind me that I am your precious child, and that my well-being matters to you.

Remind me that I can care for myself and use my resources well.

Remind me that you have blessed me with gifts and abilities that I can use well.

Empower me to use do what I can to bless your world.

Empower me to enjoy the world’s blessings, too.

Bring me to balance and effective self-care today and each day.

And teach me humility and forgiveness when I fall short.


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