Keep warm knitting or crocheting for others!

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Finding winter a bit chilly?

Imagine you don’t have the money to buy a scarf or hat.   Imagine you are working on a container ship in the cold sea.  Imagine you are without a home and can’t get out of the cold.

Seems even colder, doesn’t it?

Well, you can help folks who are in need of warm items for the winter.  Lutheran Student Community and our campus minister, Alicia Anderson, are making yarn and needles available for you to knit or crochet up some hats or scarves or mittens for folks who can use them!

Want some yarn and/or needles?  Want more info?  Email Alicia at

There are lots of places to share your needle skills!

We can arrange for you to stop by the at Pasquerilla and pick out some yarn, or Alicia can bring yarn to worship or another gathering.  We rely on Scraps and Skeins for much of our yarn, so if there is something in particular that you’d like, we can look for that, too!



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