Praying this week

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As people of faith, we join together in offering our joys and concerns to God.  Some things to pray about this week:

The leaders of the world’s nations.  We pray for wisdom and good judgement.  May those who lead the nations give their best to the people they serve, caring for the powerless and the unheard.  May leaders find ways to work together for the good of all their citizens.  May governments and leaders courageously address the difficulties and challenges their nations face, not ignoring or neglecting the most difficult challenges.

Students who are nearing the end of their resources.  We pray for energy, endurance and wise self-care.  May students find the ability to focus when they need to study or work on assignments and exams.  May those who are overwhelmed and freaking out find ways to take a break and let themselves do something else.  May they find support and encouragement to sustaing them in this long stretch of the fall semester.  May all who study find ways to take care of themselves and make the most of their semester.

People with mental illness.   We pray for wholeness and lives filled with hope.  May those who are struggling with mental illnesses find the care and support that they need.  May their friends and families offer patience, support and compassion . . . and experience these things as well.  May mental health workers and resources be plentiful and helpful.  May all people find dignity and joy in their living.

We welcome your prayer suggestions and requests.

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