Where have you seen God this week?

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Alex Holmes (PSU junior from Harrisburg, PA)

I’ve seen God throughout campus on a daily basis; with these beautiful summer days still hanging around before the snow I enjoy every breeze, every drop of sunlight, and every sound of laughter as kids run around outside. I see God through other people who believe in me at times in my life when I question myself and sometimes through my own words when I talk to other people who are going through a tough spot. I see God every time I remember my journey up to this far and I continue to see him guiding me in new ways. I see God in the love I share and attempt to live each day. I am happier when I am being compassionate toward others and when I am bold with doing the right thing day to day. I have found that I see God the most when I make time for him and look at each day as if it were a gift.

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