Praying This Week

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As people of faith, we join together in offering our joys and concerns to God.  Some things to pray about this week:

Communities affected by flooding in PA and surrounding states.  We pray for safety and an end to the rain.  May people help and support each other as the water reaches its crest, and after it subsides.  May the damage and loss of life be limited.

Students who are struggling with what to study.  We pray for clarity and direction.  May they find wise counsel and sound advice from faculty, staff, friends and family.  May they find areas of study that empower them to use their gifts and passions to serve God and the world.

The 10th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 terroist attacks.  We pray for those whose lives were changed by violence that day.  May people who lost loved ones find peace even as they grieve.  May the leaders of the nations find meaningful ways to promote peace and understanding across the globe.

We welcome your prayer suggestions and requests.

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