Praying This Week

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As people of faith, we join together in offering our joys and concerns to God.  Some things to pray about this week:

All those who work this Labor Day weekend.  We pray for blessings on people who work in various ways; with their hands, with their minds and with their spirits.  May all who labor find meaning and honor in their work.  May we appreciate the ways we are blessed by the work of those around us.

Students who are overwhelmed or homesick at Penn State and elsewhere. We pray for courage, support and peace.  May they find the resources they need to tackle the challenges they face, and the connections they need to make a new place their own.

Nations and regions torn by ethnic and religious violence.  We pray for peace in Pakistan, Lybia, Kenya, Kyrgzstan and elsewhere.  May long-held hatred and mistrust come to an end, and may may understanding and cooperation take their place.

We welcome your prayer suggestions and requests.

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