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I was given the opportunity to offer the invocation at President Obama’s visit to Penn State on February 3rd, 2011. Someone asked me to post the prayer I wrote and prayed, so I have posted it below. In an inter-faith setting, it is imporant to choose language that talks about God honestly and authentically, but does not create barriers for those who are not part of our faith community. It is not about being “politically correct,” but it is about making room for the stranger . . . like God calls us to do throughout scripture.  –Alicia Anderson

Invocation from 3 February 2011

Source of Creation,

Surrounded by winter’s snow and ice, we are mindful of the ever-changing seasons that bring new life, growth, harvest and rest to the world and our lives. May we find joy and beauty in the rhythms of these seasons.

Source of Freedom,

Blessed by this nation, we are grateful for the opportunities and freedoms we receive. May we fulfill our responsibilities in this democracy and may those who govern have the strength and insight to lead wisely.

Source of Wisdom,

Blessed by this community of learning, we are thankful for those who study and those who teach, and the many ways their research and exploration broadens lives. May their work lead to growth, discovery and insight that benefit the world.

Source of Abundance,

Humbled by the earth’s vast resources, we seek wisdom in caring for creation and using it appropriately. May we find ways to share earth’s abundance with all,and maintain its riches for generations to come. Amen.

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